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To provide a comfortable and friendly atmosphere in which older adults can increase social contacts, attain new knowledge, participate in recreational activities and find opportunities to achieve a total sense of well being.

The Board and Staff are committed to providing:

* A friendly, enjoyable, and stimulating Centre

* A variety of activities to encourage social interaction

* Opportunities to learn new skills

* Physical recreation opportunities

* A community facility recognized as: ‘The meeting place for older adults’.

* An environment that encourages older adults to participate in community activities.


Recreation Supervisor:

        Cathy Isowa

Recreation Co-ordinator:

Shari Farrell

Senior Receptionist: 

        Byren Martin

Part-Time Program Assistants: 

Sue Traver

Sarah McKenzie

Brenna Sekerak


Helmi Kaufman     Ramona Dechert

Carol Hudson      Shirley Glauser

 Harley Auty        Willy Walker

      Sylvia Parr       Mary Ellen Gillies

Beverley Archer   Dennis Hall

  Ron Marlow        Mark Mindorff     

Staff Liaison  - Shari Farrell

                    - Cathy Isowa